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Dr. Alan Lafky is the owner of Body In Balance Physical Therapy.  He has been a physical therapist since 1975, specializing in pain management through gentle hands-on manual therapy work.  Please click the link to Bio for details.

Body In Balance Physical Therapy is a highly specialized physical therapy practice with an emphasis on one to one personal attention and treatment through a variety of manual therapy evaluation and treatment techniques, designed to identify areas of abnormal restriction or tension in various tissues, which may be your cause of pain and/or loss of physical function.

Abnormal tension can develop in any one of these tissue systems:  cranio-sacral, musculoskeletal, visceral, arterial, lymphatic, neural, or periosteal systems.  It is not uncommon for abnormal tension to be found in several different systems.  Unless all the tensions are found and released, complete and lasting pain relief will not be experienced.

The good news is that tension in all of these tissues can be found easily and released gently and quickly.  As an added bonus, many of the techniques can be taught and self-applied so that you may be able to treat yourself as needed, and not have to rely on a practitioner.

I will identify the areas of abnormal restriction or tension through a combination of observation as you move through various movements, as well as through palpation of the various tissues of the body, using no more than firm but gentle finger pressure.  You will remain fully clothed during this evaluation, as range of motion and tissue texture can be assessed while dressed.

The evaluation will begin with a cranial scan, which will identify which system or systems that are in dysfunction.  From that, attention will be directed to specific areas of the body, locating specific tender points that indicate where to direct treatment to release the abnormal tension.

Please be aware that locating tender points may require palpation on or between ribs either next to the sternum (breastbone) or laterally on the rib cage.  In addition, tender points may be located on specific areas of the bones of the pelvis.  Some patients may not be comfortable being palpated on these areas.  Care will be taken to minimize potential embarrassment for the patient.  

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